About Us

This ‘N’ That Sales has been in business since 1995 but brings over 40 years of experience together to work for you.

Ron has been doing screen printing since 1974 and has added training in graphic design to aid in the art that is needed by many customers. Computers were not the source of most art in 1974; but today Ron, using his Mac computer creates many designs for customers. He does not claim to be an artist, just creative. The proper term he uses is that he is “an assembler“. “There is so much good artwork available today that one must only locate components, then proceed  to the finished product”, Ron says.

Karen has been involved in business with Ron for many years. She is meticulous in detail in just about any area of business, as long as she doesn’t have to work with the artistic side. Need a product. Just tell her what you are looking for, and she will do research until she ­finds the specific item.

We are excited about the opportunities that lay ahead and will do our best to serve new customers with the same friendly service and in-depth research as we give to our current customers.